Welcome to Jeremiah Bullfrogs

Experience a sensory shopping experience. Embrace the sights, sound and smell that emanates from the very bones of this establishment. Established in 1970’s Jeremiah Bullfrogs has stood in the same location at 29 Wood Street Mackay.

The first experience you will have when entering the shop is inhaling the unique exotic aroma of incense. After decades of storing incense the exotic blend has infused within the walls. Classed as our signature scent, the aroma also blends in the fabric of our clothing. Customers have remarked that their purchases smell beautiful once they unpack them at home.

The second experience you will notice is the relaxing vibe the place has. As we are a small family run business each item in our clothing and gift lines are carefully selected. Whether it be items from clothing, jewellery, relaxation, meditation, crystals or a unique gift, our team are able to guide you to what you seek.

Shopping for a gift or something new to wear? Explore Our Stock!

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Explore Your Senses...

Why not ask to hear our singing bowls, a great form of sound therapy that can assist in relaxation. After listening to our singing bowls, experience feeling the soft touch of clothing made from natural fibres. Please ask our team if you would like them to show you our natural fibre labels. Experience the feeling of freedom as you discover that our range of clothing, covering from every-day to party-day, at a price that will be a happy surprise.

At Jeremiah Bullfrogs we love a good dress up party, so if you are up to having some fun let the team pick out some different styles. You never know you might just find the new you!

In this digital era, we still stand in the real world. The world of sight, sound, smell and touch. Grounded into the fabric that made Mackay City Centre. We embrace the elements of Earth, wind, fire, water and spirit in our gifts, clothing and jewellery as well as just for the beauty of them. In this world where we are so connected and isolated at the same time. We offer a place to anchor. So come, enjoy the discovery. Have a real life sensory shopping experience. We are looking forward to seeing you.


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