How to Smudge

Most common products to use in smudging is Palo Santo (Holy Wood) or White sage and for hundreds of years it has been considered a sacred, cleansing, purifying, protective way to clear negative energy/heavy energy.  After you light the sage/Palo Santo, do not stop it from burning.  The spirit of these products knows how much negativity or heaviness needs to released and will burn accordingly.  If you feel you are done burning, place the wand or stick in a fireproof bowl and allow the sage/Palo Santo to cease burning, naturally.  If you watch the smoke, sometimes it will drift to a particular part of the room/space, that is where the healing/protection energy is most needed.

Be safe and keep the air still as possible when you are smudging.  

Sage – Light the sage at the very tips of the leaves.  Once the flames come to life, blow them out quickly. Do not let it flame burn.  Once it lit, and the flame is blown out, it will smoke.  You can then place it down inside your heatproof bowl resting the unburnt end on the edge of the bowl.  Use your hand, a small piece of cardboard or a feather to waft the smoke.

Palo Santo – Ignite your Palo Santo and hold at about 45 degree angle pointing the tip down towards the flame.  Allow to burn for about 30secs to 1 minute and then blow out.  Move around your space/room to clear the energy.  The rich smell will also bring peace and clarity to the moment along with good feelings.  When finished, place the stick on a fire proof bowl of metal, glass or clay.  The glow will end on its own unless you blow on the ember which will keep the smoke going.  Always use caution and respect when working with fire.

Set you intention.  As you work with sage to cleanse I suggest you repeat a mantra to reminds the energies that you are releasing all energy that is unwelcome or heavy and ask it to leave.  “I release all energies that no longer serve me to be released from me and this space and into the divine light.  You no longer have nor hold power here.  Loving and peaceful energy is welcome and invited in now.  This is my sacred space, and anything that no longer serves me is released with this sacred smoke”

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How to do Crystal Placement on the body

Placing crystals directly on the body is a fantastic way to absorb all of those crystal benefits. Try laying down and placing a crystal like Rhodochrosite over your heart chakra to feel centred and nourished, Tourmaline and your feet to feel grounded and protected, Iolite on the forehead or third eye chakra to enhance intuition (great if you are about to go to a shopping mall to help you find a carpark), and Clear Quartz at the crown chakra for clarity.


Holding a crystal in each hand while meditating can enhance your meditative practice. And if you don’t have time to meditate, you can still take advantage of calming crystals by placing tumbles in your pockets, bag or bra.

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How to work with Crystal Grids

Creating a crystal grid can be a creative and meditative experience. Mindfully placing your crystals in a grid can help focus your intentions for the day. Gridding can offer time out just for you and starting your day off with any creative activity helps your circulations, activate the lymphatic system and boost serotonin levels. Creating a grid in your room especially when using crystals like Calcite, Opal and Rhodonite, can enhance the feelings of calmness, harmony and sanctity.

Grids don’t need to be extravagant to be effective. Place your main crystal in the middle (with your intention for the day) along with tumbled stones or clear quartz points can be a simple grid to start off with. Feel free to experiment with different crystals and layouts. A great place to start is using sacred geometry shapes as a base for your grid like a circle, a star, square, two inter locking circles, or if you’re feeling a little fancy then maybe try an icosahedral dodecahedron.

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How to Set up a Crystal Grid

Grids are usually created using your intuition, but if you are just starting out, try placing crystals in patterns that resemble sacred geometry shapes like the seed of life, flower of life or the tree of life.

Try starting with a central crystal that will be the main intention for your grid, then place 6 double terminated Clear Quartz Points facing out from the central crystal. Why 6? This coincides with the flower of life pattern. From there you can connect the Quartz Points with any other crystal you would like to include in your grid

While placing your grid, be mindful of the energy and manifestations you would like to attract into the space. Once your grid is complete, try burning incense or sage to further activate your intentions, or for extra pizzazz, include fresh flowers.

We have found that small grids can start losing their potency after about 2 weeks so feel free to adjust or move the crystals around as you see fit.

You can also grid your house by placing crystals at the corners, at the entrance and exit or around the parameter of the property. Popular house gridding crystals are Selenite, Black Tourmaline, Apophyllite and Rose Quartz.



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How to use Mala Beads

A true Mala Bead necklace will be made up of 108 beads plus one head bead which is generally attached to a tassel and slightly larger than the rest. 108 is a sacred number in many ways, a few reasons being: there are 108 sacred sites in India, 108 sacred texts and 108 marma points in the body. The beads used can range in material from Ebony, Teak, Rosewood and crystal beads just to name a few. The head bead, or Guru bead, represents the beginning and end of your meditation and or prayers.

A true Mala Bead necklace will be made up of 108 beads plus one head bead which is generally attached to a tassel and slightly larger than the rest. 108 is a sacred number in many ways, a few reasons being: there are 108 sacred sites in India, 108 sacred texts and 108 marma points in the body. The beads used can range in material from Ebony, Teak, Rosewood and crystal beads just to name a few. The head bead, or Guru bead, represents the beginning and end of your meditation and or prayers.For a more general use you can hold them while setting intentions for the day, saying other prayers or wear them while journaling and reflecting


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How to use a Pendulum

Pendulums are a weighted object, like a crystal or metal design, attached to a chain. There are several ways to receive a “Yes”, “No” or “Maybe” answer. Here is our guide on how to use your pendulum.

Hold your pendulum in whichever hand feels most comfortable.

Using your thumb and forefinger hold your pendulum by the top of the chain. Take a few deep breathes and relax.

To find out your ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response – ask a question to which you know the answer or simply as ‘show me yes’.

Your pendulum will usually more back and forth or side to side, clockwise circular motion either towards or away from you. Observe the response you receive.

Repeat this a few of times so you can get a definitive answer.

Once you have a yes say “this is yes, this is positive, this is yang, this is yes’

Now do the same for ‘No’ stating ‘this is no, this is receptive, this in yin, this is no’

If your pendulum deviates from the yes or no it may mean ‘maybe’ or ask another question

Only yes, no and maybe answers are possible so ask exact questions. Answers come from your subconscious so don’t force anything.

You can also use a pendulum chart for further insight

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How to Focus your Energy

Step 1: Choose the location for your altar and the size

Step 2: Set your intention

Step 3: Place your feature item

Step 4: Mindfully create your crystal grid

Step 5: Add any other items that you love and that bring you joy

Step 6: If it resonates, pull some oracle cards for your grid

Step 7: Activate the altar

Step 8: Enjoy


You really can place anything you love on your altar like:

A beautiful cloth or scarf as a base for the alter

Crystals, Candles, Feathers, Statues, Oracle cards, Flowers, plants and leaves

Any trinkets you have that bring you joy


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How to Cleanse and Reinvigorate your Crystals


Most crystals are safe to cleanse in water except for some water soluble crystals like Selenite. You can use sea water, river water or even running tap water can be suitable. It is important to note that your thoughts while cleansing the crystals can affect their energy. So saying a mantra to yourself like “I am cleansed, I am healed” can be helpful during the process.


There are many different opinions as to how long you need to cleanse your crystals for, so we suggest going with what feels right to you. A quick cleanse under a tap may work fine for you or you can leave them in a bowl of water over night.



If your crystals are feeling a little flat or low on energy, re-connecting your crystals with the earth is a great way to enhance and re-activate them. Some people like to place them on the soil in the garden or even bury them. Placing your crystals in a pot plant can benefit both the crystals and the plant. The length of time you chose to ground your crystals is totally up to you.



Using sage and/or Palo Santo is an effective way to reinvigorate your crystal’s energy. Try including your crystals in your home saging ritual. For extra pep, try using Palo Santo straight after saging for an uplifting effect. Incense also works well with crystals. SUN OR LUNA ENERGY

The most popular method for recharging crystals is to place them overnight under a full moon either outside or on the windowsill. The potent and transformative energy of a full moon is said to release negativity, impurities and enhance their natural qualities. You can also energise your crystals with the energy of the sun. Some coloured crystals like Rose Quartz can fade in the sun over time but a day or two in the sun should be fine.


How often should you cleanse your crystals? Some suggest at least once a month. Your intuition is the best tool to use when working with crystals. Using your intuition along with your strong intention, you can easily cleanse, ground and activate your crystals anytime.

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How to Choose a Crystal Wand

If you are choosing a wand for yourself or to use on someone else, the same principle applies. A simple test to see if a crystal is right for you or not is to hold it in your hand. If your breathing slows down and you feel relaxed, then this is a great crystal for you. If your breath shortens, then try another crystal until you find one that feels calming.

Another test is the pendulum method. Hold the crystal wand in your hand while standing up with both feet flat on the ground. With your eyes closed, ask the question to yourself “Is this the right crystal for me”. If you find yourself tilting forward, that means ‘yes’. If you find yourself tilting backwards, that is a no. And no movement is usually neutral.

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