Most crystals are safe to cleanse in water except for some water soluble crystals like Selenite. You can use sea water, river water or even running tap water can be suitable. It is important to note that your thoughts while cleansing the crystals can affect their energy. So saying a mantra to yourself like “I am cleansed, I am healed” can be helpful during the process.


There are many different opinions as to how long you need to cleanse your crystals for, so we suggest going with what feels right to you. A quick cleanse under a tap may work fine for you or you can leave them in a bowl of water over night.



If your crystals are feeling a little flat or low on energy, re-connecting your crystals with the earth is a great way to enhance and re-activate them. Some people like to place them on the soil in the garden or even bury them. Placing your crystals in a pot plant can benefit both the crystals and the plant. The length of time you chose to ground your crystals is totally up to you.



Using sage and/or Palo Santo is an effective way to reinvigorate your crystal’s energy. Try including your crystals in your home saging ritual. For extra pep, try using Palo Santo straight after saging for an uplifting effect. Incense also works well with crystals. SUN OR LUNA ENERGY

The most popular method for recharging crystals is to place them overnight under a full moon either outside or on the windowsill. The potent and transformative energy of a full moon is said to release negativity, impurities and enhance their natural qualities. You can also energise your crystals with the energy of the sun. Some coloured crystals like Rose Quartz can fade in the sun over time but a day or two in the sun should be fine.


How often should you cleanse your crystals? Some suggest at least once a month. Your intuition is the best tool to use when working with crystals. Using your intuition along with your strong intention, you can easily cleanse, ground and activate your crystals anytime.