Grids are usually created using your intuition, but if you are just starting out, try placing crystals in patterns that resemble sacred geometry shapes like the seed of life, flower of life or the tree of life.

Try starting with a central crystal that will be the main intention for your grid, then place 6 double terminated Clear Quartz Points facing out from the central crystal. Why 6? This coincides with the flower of life pattern. From there you can connect the Quartz Points with any other crystal you would like to include in your grid

While placing your grid, be mindful of the energy and manifestations you would like to attract into the space. Once your grid is complete, try burning incense or sage to further activate your intentions, or for extra pizzazz, include fresh flowers.

We have found that small grids can start losing their potency after about 2 weeks so feel free to adjust or move the crystals around as you see fit.

You can also grid your house by placing crystals at the corners, at the entrance and exit or around the parameter of the property. Popular house gridding crystals are Selenite, Black Tourmaline, Apophyllite and Rose Quartz.