Creating a crystal grid can be a creative and meditative experience. Mindfully placing your crystals in a grid can help focus your intentions for the day. Gridding can offer time out just for you and starting your day off with any creative activity helps your circulations, activate the lymphatic system and boost serotonin levels. Creating a grid in your room especially when using crystals like Calcite, Opal and Rhodonite, can enhance the feelings of calmness, harmony and sanctity.

Grids don’t need to be extravagant to be effective. Place your main crystal in the middle (with your intention for the day) along with tumbled stones or clear quartz points can be a simple grid to start off with. Feel free to experiment with different crystals and layouts. A great place to start is using sacred geometry shapes as a base for your grid like a circle, a star, square, two inter locking circles, or if you’re feeling a little fancy then maybe try an icosahedral dodecahedron.